Happy Customers

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Looks the goods!

The company is very professional and personal.
The product appears to be good quality with a solid build.
Delivery was fast as expected.
Thanks guys!

Super cup

Love the colours. Beautifully packaged - will make a great gift. Nice large size for a big cuppa.

Naming labels

Great option to personalise your bottles and cups - I had a bit of fun with mine!!

Great addition

Loving the name sheets of stickers we have water bottles All around the place so now we know who’s is whose - so practical and easy to use.

Brilliant Keep Cup

We love the size of the cup. Absolutely perfect.
Keeps my morning tea a perfect temperature whilst out on the farm.
Love love love the feel and the colors.
Absolutely the best keep up we have had in the family.

Perfect everything

The size and colour of my new water bottle is Perfect for my life. Fits in car, bag etc and stays cold for sooo long. Love everything about it!! ❤️


My mug arrived in only a few days after ordering. Today was my first time using it and yes my shop brought takeaway coffee lasted the 45 minutes drive home. Coffee stayed hot as promised. Easy to use lid while travelling with the mug and lid being easy to clean once home! Well worthwhile investment!

Great products

Love the glass bottle - perfect size and shape and lovely look. Great way to keep track of my water intake and feel good.

What a gorgeous product. Absolutely love this new design.

Kwench reusable coffee cup

I love this cup, its easy to hold, and the coffee stays hot as stated, it fits into the cup holder in my car, and the colour is very nice, ( I purchased the deep water) , so far I havnt dropped it ( thankfully) so I don't know if it will hold up to that, but it also does not leak when turned upside down, so that is very good also, all in all, I really like this cup, it is now my first go to cup when going to work. Would recommend to anyone who is after a cup when travelling.

Ice Cube Tray
Kerry King
Ice Cube Trays

I recently bought the Ice Cube Trays with my Brew cup purchase and they seem really good quality and have filled them and put them in the freezer but have not taken any ice out of them yet but so far so good :)

Brew Cup

I purchased the Brew Cup and received it yesterday and it is perfect just what i wanted. Perfect size and great to drink out of. Thank you Kwench

Clean as new

I bought a water bottle cleaning brush to get my Kwench bottle back in shape. It does the job perfectly, is a great length and design, has made my bottle as good as new and will get a lot of use.

Love, love, love my new coffee cup. Perfect size for the long commute into the city. Easy to wash and the teal green colour means it won't get mixed up with those of my workmates.


Thanks for your speedy delivery of my gorgeous drink bottle. The thing that really pleases me when I drink from my 500ml Kwench is the clean and open neck. No fiddly pop up parts: easy to drink and very easy to clean. I’m using it all the time, including during the night: it sits on my bedside table ready!
Thank you - I would highly recommend this drink bottle as a must have!

Saw these on the internet, loved them and bought them. So cool.

Cup Cleaner
Helen Murray
Nifty, little cleaner!

The cup cleaner works well, gets into the hard to clean spaces of the cup lid and I like that the brush end can lock in one direction so your not having to keep turning it to keep cleaning. Sits perfectly in the plate dryer for the next use. Thank you!


I am so happy with my purchase, I have bought couple of these bottle. They look so pretty in the fridge and on the table, really great quality. I also use these to store nut milk in the fridge as the wide mouth makes it really easier to clean.
Thank you for super quick delivery and excellent customer service Kwench !!

Love my new Kwench

Totally loving my Kwench Coffee Cup! ☕️ It's the perfect combo of style and eco-friendliness. Keeps my coffee hot longer, no chance of a spill, and it’s easy to clean. Sayonara, disposable cups! Kwench is my new coffee BFF.

Love my new water bottle

I love a new drink bottle but this one would have to be my favourite.
I wasn’t sure which one to pick because I loved them all but decided on the Citrine crystals.
To be honest I’m not that into all that crystal stuff but thought the crystals would be a reason it would stay mine and not end up in the kids school bags, but now having been using the drink bottle for a bit over 2 weeks now, my water intake has been HEAPS better (because it’s just nice to drink out of) and I’m ticking off my job like like a champ so maybe there is something in the crystal theory.
The quality it amazing, (the seals are top quality)fits well in my car cup holders (always important) and like I said it’s actually nice to drink out of.

Cup Cleaner

I recently bought this cup cleaner to go with my Brew coffee cup and I’m so glad I did!

Cup Cleaner

A small gadget with a big impact! The Kwench cup cleaner so good because now I can easily clean those hard to get to spots on my coffee cups and water bottles.

Highly Recommend!

The best reusable cup I’ve ever had tried! It is completely leak proof and keeps drinks hot for such a long time. Perfect for when you’re on the go! Highly Recommend!

Sleek look, convenient size - Love it!

This bottle is a great, convenient size and keeps my water cool even on the hottest days! Love the look, very stylish. Thanks Kwench!

Ahhh it's stunning, I love it!

I'm so impressed with both the look & quality of this drink bottle. It's so sleek, the crystals are gorgeous and I love the high quality of the bottle as well. Great job Kwench!